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What is SWATH™ Acquisition, how does it work and what does is provide?
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A - In data-independent acquisition strategies like SWATH Acquisition, an expanded mass isolation window is stepped across a mass range covering the mass-to-charge (m/z) distribution of peptides, and a full scan MS/MS spectrum is collected at each step. Post-acquisition, high-resolution extraction ion chromatograms for specific fragment ions of the peptides of interest, and these are integrated for quantitation. The information for extraction is stored in a spectral ion library and this contains all the proteins and peptides that you are interested in for the specific proteome you are studying.

What does this enable?

  • Data processing post-acquisition: generate fragment ion XICs at high resolution for quantitation with confirmation of identity
  • Quantitation and confirmation of everything in the sample
  • Digital record of all detectable peptides in your sample
  • Single method for acquiring all your data
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Mark Cafazzo

Be sure to check out this VIDEO for a technical overview of SWATH!

Posted : March 18, 2015 4:41 pm