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How do I share the results of an analysis with another user?

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Data can be shared with other users when you are working from either your SCIEX Data Store or from your BaseSpace Account.

For SCIEX data store, your data is organized in folders and are accessible only to you. Click the Experiment Manager then select Data Store to see the list of folders. Click on the More Options icon (3 vertical dots) on the right-hand side to see the menu. Select Share Settings to open the share dialogue shown here. This folder can be shared with any user that has registered for a SCIEX Cloud account by entering their email address. They can be assigned Read-only or Write permissions for this folder.

Your data and results within BaseSpace will be organized in a project structure. Any project that you create will be used and viewed by only yourself. If you wish to share data or results with a collaborator, they can sign up for a BaseSpace account, and you can then share a specific project with them by creating and sending them a Share Link (which they can then use after logging into their BaseSpace Account). You can also transfer ownership of the project to them.


Topic starter Posted : September 19, 2017 4:30 pm

Hi - Is there any update to this now BaseSpace is no longer part of OneOmics?

Posted : April 29, 2021 8:27 am