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Lipid Mediator Quantitation Method
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*If you have a SCIEX instrument and want access to this method, please ensure that you have added your instrument to your account. After you've added your instrument please allow at least 30mins for your instrument to sync to your account.

Lipid mediators are a class of bioactive molecules that regulate many physiological processes and the ability to identify and quantify these important molecules at low concentrations in biological samples is critical to biological understanding. Increasingly LC-MS/MS is being used in lipid research due to the ability to both characterize and quantify lipids. Here, a fast 20-minute method for targeted quantification of lipid mediators has been developed on the QTRAP® 6500+ System, leveraging the fast polarity switching, high sensitivity and full scan qualitative capabilities.

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Posted : January 7, 2020 2:35 pm