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Fluorotelomer Sulfonates and Crosstalk

Simon Roberts

The commercially available isotope-labelled fluorotelomer sulfonates are typically labelled with 13C atoms on the non-fluorinated hydrocarbon atoms. This increases the mass of the fluorotelomer sulfonate by 2 Da, and causes crosstalk between the native +2 isotope and the mass-labelled isomer. The crosstalk occurs between the [M-HF]- fragment of the isotope-labelled fluorotelomer sulfonate and the [M-HF]- fragment of the +2 isotope. This causes the reponse of the isotope-labelled FTSs to increase as the concentration of the native FTS increases. The solution to this problem is to use the [81] fragment as the preferred transition for isotope-labelled FTSs. 

M2-4:2 FTS     329.0>81.0     DP: -20     CE: -55

M2-6:2 FTS     429.0>81.0     DP: -20     CE: -70

M2-8:2 FTS     529.0>81.0     DP: -20     CE: -85




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