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The IAB team is working on ways to bring scientific content to you, through the IAB Community, and we invite you to get involved. The goal of this community is to provide additional reach and exposure to you and provide you with the high-quality content you need.

Here, you can filter by a list of content topics categorized based on your feedback in 2018. We invite you to ‘submit your content’ to share papers, interesting reads, websites in all fundamental aspects of mass spectrometry, including instrumental developments and applications, interesting trends and outcomes that are influencing the future of scientific research. Share your unique perspectives with IAB members, and in return, we can grow a library of digital content.

We have added some new content you can check out here and will be continuously adding more. We will also be reaching out to you for an opportunity to be featured in our member profiles. 

Should you need an account in the IAB Community, please contact with a request, and we will set you up.

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