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Integration of Electrophoresis into a Single, “Plug-and-Spray” Device Offers a New Approach for Metabolomics Applications

Teasing apart the metabolome: CESI-MS separation of small, anionic compounds
Metabolomics, an emerging field focused on the chemical processes central to cellular metabolism gives scientists a snapshot of the cellular metabolic state, or metabolome at a given time. Highly complex, the metabolome contains a large and diverse group of small molecules and requires a systematic understanding of chemical end-products of cellular processes.  Used in conjunction with genomics and proteomics information and researchers can gain a deeper understanding of an organism’s physiology. As a result, insights on a disease’s progress or an organism’s health status become clearer. However, there is a caveat. Teasing apart metabolome components and identifying each molecule is a significant analytical challenge that requires specialized applications and approaches able to separate very small, chemically similar analytes from each other.