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Could your insights lead to the next big breakthrough idea? We think so!

We are looking for progressive thinkers with diverse perspectives to help us find the answers to tomorrow’s problems.

Join an inclusive community that welcomes all voices and viewpoints. Help shape the future of innovation and science for everyone.

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Voice Your Opinion

Everyone has a unique perspective to share. Our ideas are stronger when we include all viewpoints. Share your ideas to help us drive technology forward and solve the complex problems of tomorrow.

Gain Insight

You interact with our products/services/solutions every day — either directly or indirectly. Share your personal experiences, pain points and success stories to help us create products that fit your needs.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest products and initiatives. Access our newsletter and learn more about IAB activities, new products, features and services before anyone else.

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We want to hear from you! Join to collaborate, network, learn and share with members from all over the world.

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Participate in regular IAB activities and obtain a membership certificate at the end of each year.

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Unlock new ideas with access to SCIEX application notes and technical notes. Hear from thought leaders and gain access to conference highlights and posters, webinars, and more!

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Stay up-to-date on the latest technological applications and innovations so you can apply the ideas to your work.

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Be informed about the latest product updates and innovations to help you do your best work.

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A world of innovation delivered by a community

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Become a change-maker with real-world impact

Join our Innovation Advisory Board to network with a global community, exchange knowledge with peers, share your big ideas and drive technology forward.

Get involved with the IAB activities and participate in only what matters most to you

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What our board members are saying

“It is such a wonderful experience to work so close to SCIEX when it comes to the clinical laboratory. We have a bunch of sciex instrumentation and I truly enjoy being an Advisory board member to be a part of the future in striving to be the very best for our patients and hospitals.”

By William Weiss

IAB Member

“Being a member of the SCIEX Innovation Advisory Board helps to strengthen the partnership between end-user and SCIEX, bringing the innovations needed for us customers to achieve our needs.”

By Alan Victor Lucas

IAB Member

“It's great way to keep up with newest technology, and provide input on certain aspects of work flows, methods and optimization.”

By Kavinda De Silva

IAB Member

“I think it is very useful to evaluate which are the real requirements of the analysis lab, to drive new technologies.”

By Federico Pastori

IAB Member

“It's very important to be able to give feedback”

By Monika Partyka

IAB Member

“I think it is a good thing to have constructive discussions every now and then between supplier and customer. Being a member of the SCIEX Innovation Advisory Board means that the end-user is involved in how SCIEX can improve itself for being a better service provider. Different topics like software development, training of users in software/hardware/method development, are part of sessions. Ultimately, these sessions will result in a better match between the customer’s requirements and the delivery from SCIEX.”

By Freddy Oostebring

IAB Member


Frequently asked questions

How do I participate in an Innovation Advisory Board activity?

All activities are optional and you can participate in as many or as few as you’d like.

For phone interviews, web-based focus groups, webinars, concept evaluations, usability evaluations, and early customer evaluations, we will contact you by email as well, inviting you to take part in discussions on topics relevant to your expertise and at times convenient for you.

All current and ongoing IAB activities are also posted on our website so you can choose to participate directly from there.

How often will I be asked to participate in an Innovation Advisory Board activity?

Participation in all IAB activities are completely voluntary. We respect and value your time.

The IAB regularly conducts online surveys, phone interviews, web-based focus groups, polls, webinars, concept evaluations, usability evaluations and early customer evaluations — but participation is always optional.

How long will the Innovation Advisory Board activity take to complete?

Surveys: A typical survey takes anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes to complete, depending on your Internet connectivity and the complexity of the survey. The timeframe will be provided within each email invitation.

Interviews: Phone discussions typically take between 20 and 50 minutes depending on the topic of the conversation. The timeframe will be provided within each email invitation.

Web-based focus groups, webinars, concept evaluations, usability evaluations and early customer evaluations all have different timeframes which will be provided within each activity invitation.

Will I be able to see the results from the activities I participated in?

Select IAB activity results are published in our newsletters and website which are used to highlight the outcomes of IAB-related activities and bring awareness to new products, services, and initiatives. We are continually developing ways to enhance this feedback loop.

How do I obtain the IAB annual membership certificate?

Participate in and complete at least one IAB activity throughout a calendar year and a membership certificate will be emailed to you at the beginning of the following year.

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