Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the Innovation Advisory Board?

Ensure you have a account with the ‘Participate in the Innovation Advisory Board’ box checked. You can check this by going to your profile and editing the ‘Account Information’ tab. Ensure you hit save after making edits.

If you don’t have a account yet, please register and ensure you click ‘Participate in the Innovation Advisory Board’ when selecting the features you would like to use. Joining is free and participating in IAB activities is completely voluntary.

Benefits of the Program

VOICE YOUR OPINION: Share your experiences on a range of topics and interests regarding our products, services, and initiatives.

GAIN INSIGHT: Share your opinions, reactions and successes by participating in product evaluations, previews of new content and future product developments.
SUBSCRIBE TO NEWS: Read about IAB activities and learn more about new products, features, and services. Our newsletter is designed to keep members up-to-date on the latest SCIEX products and initiatives.

JOIN A COMMUNITY: Join the discussion. Collaborate, network, learn, and share. Connect with other members and science advocates.

EARN MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE: Participate in regular IAB activities and obtain a membership certificate at the end of each year.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Access Application/Tech Notes, Conference Highlights and Posters, Webinars and more!

Member Activities

For surveys, you will receive an email invitation with a link to a unique web address. When we are conducting a survey applicable to your area of expertise, simply click on that URL or copy and paste it into your web browser and complete the survey online.

For phone interviews, web-based focus groups, webinars, concept testing, usability testing, and early customer evaluations, we will contact you by email as well, inviting you to take part in discussions on topics relevant to your expertise and at times convenient for you.

All current and ongoing IAB activities are also posted on our website so you can choose to participate directly from there.

The Innovation Advisory Board conducts online surveys, phone interviews, web-based focus groups, polls, webinars, concept testing, usability testing, and early customer evaluations. Your participation in these activities is completely voluntary. We respect and value your time.

Surveys: A typical survey takes anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes to complete, depending on your Internet connectivity and the complexity of the survey. The timeframe will be provided within each email invitation.

Interviews: Phone discussions typically take between 20 and 50 minutes depending on the topic of the conversation. The timeframe will be provided within each email invitation.

Web-based focus groups, webinars, concept testing, usability testing and early customer evaluations all have different timeframes which will be provided within each activity invitation.

Select IAB activity results are published in our newsletters and website which are used to highlight the outcomes of IAB-related activities and bring awareness to new products, services, and initiatives. We are continually developing ways to enhance this feedback loop.

Participate in and complete at least one IAB activity throughout a calendar year and a membership certificate will be emailed to you at the beginning of the following year.

We hope that you choose to remain part of the Innovation Advisory Board for a long time. If you ever wish to remove yourself, you can send an email request to with ‘Request Removal’ as the subject of your email.

You can retire from the board by emailing us at and inserting ‘Request Removal’ as the subject of your email.

You can update your profile by going to At the registration screen, type in your email address and your contact information will pre-populate. Here you can edit and submit your changes. Once logged in, go to “view profile,”edit profile” and click on “Account Information”.

Data Privacy

To be a member of the Innovation Advisory Board we require an email address. We will only use this email address to invite you to participate in program activities and to send you the Innovation Advisory Board Newsletter and other IAB-related content. Occasionally, we may use a trusted partner to assist us in gathering feedback from IAB members.  Rest assured that your membership information in the IAB will remain confidential and will never be sold, rented, or shared.

Your name and email address will be collected, along with your activity participation responses. By participating in IAB activities, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal data. Our full policy regarding the handling of personal data, and how we use your information, is located in our Privacy Policy.

Technical Problems and Support

Send an email to including a description of the problem, and someone from the IAB team will get back to you. You can also click the help button on our website and we will reply to your inquiry from there.