April Quinn-Paquet


Importing acquisition methods from Analyst software to SCIEX OS software

The SCIEX Triple Quad 7500 system is the first nominal mass instrument to be released completely on SCIEX OS software. Moving to a new software solution can be time consuming with the need to transfer numerous methods to the new platform. SCIEX OS software helps accelerate this process by enabling you to import your existing Analyst software acquisition methods* directly into the MS method workspace of SCIEX OS software. No need to spend time copying and pasting long methods into a new table or importing text files, and no need to start from scratch.

Please watch this short video to see how simple it can be to import your existing methods.

*Note that this capability is compatible with methods created in Analyst Software version 1.6.2 and newer; only mass spectrometer method parameters are converted to the new method format.  



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