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How do I use the new ProteinPilot software reports (small vs large)?

At the end of a database search, the software will write information into the ProteinPilot Report automatically. The ProteinPilotReport.xlsx file must be placed in the following directory for the automatic creation to work. C:\Program Files\AB SCIEX\ProteinPilot\WorkflowDirectory

There are two forms of the ProteinPilotReport.xlsx, a light version and a full version. Switch between the two reports by copying them in this directory and renaming them to ProteinPilotReport.xlsx.

  1. ProteinPilotReport_1.0 light report.xlsx
    • Contains the FDR information, the MetaData information and the ProteinPilot Exports
    • Use this report when only interested in the above information
    • This version of the report is small and fast to open
  2. ProteinPilotReport_1.0 full report.xlsx
    • Contains the FDR information, the MetaData information, the ProteinPilot Exports and the ProteinPilot Descriptive Statistics information
    • Use this report when interested in getting a large amount about the search
      • Over 20 different dashboards of useful information
    • This version of the report is large and slower to open

And of course, both reports still generate the single column summary in the last tab which distills much of the information from the various tabs into one location. This makes it easy to pull information out and into a new spreadsheet to compare between many different searches.


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