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Downloading and viewing ProteinPilot app group files on your desktop and extracting key exports

After the database search in OneOmics suite, the ProteinPilot software group file can be downloaded for viewing in your desktop ProteinPilot software 5.0.3.

Once downloaded, you can open and view your Group file in the ProteinPilot software as usual. You can also now export some of the reports and files that might be of interest:

  • All of the Summary files are available to export. Note that all these are also available in the *.groupexport file that is created along with the group file when the ProteinPilot software search is performed in the cloud
  • MGF Peaklist(s) – the recalibrated *.mgf file can be exported from the group file. Use this link to find more information on how ProteinPilot software recalibrates the peak list.
  • mzIdentML – standard export format for protein/peptide identification results can be generated from the group file
  • ProteinPilot Report – either the small or large ProteinPilot report can be exported from the downloaded group file.
    • You can choose to export to either the small or large ProteinPilot Report.


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