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Automatic calibration in minutes for microflow LC with the OptiFlow source on ZenoTOF 7600 system

The OptiFlow ion source for the SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 system is equipped with an ESI calibration probe for automatic calibration during microflow experiments (diagram below). The ESI probe is installed orthogonal to the microflow probe in the OptiFlow source and connected to the integrated calibrant delivery system (CDS). Calibrant solutions are infused from the CDS into the ESI calibration probe and used to automatically calibrate the instrument during a long instrument batch.

For positive-mode calibration and negative-mode calibration, the 7600 ZenoTOF system is supplied with two tuning solutions: positive mode solution (P/N 5032735) and negative mode solution (P/N 5042917). The tuning solution bottles are located on the side of the instrument, similar to the X500 series systems. The solution lines run from each bottle into the calibration probe.

To set up auto-calibration in a batch, click the blue Auto-Calibrate button, at the top of the screen, to launch the Automatic Calibration Editor.

The automatic calibration editor contains two pre-built ion reference tables for the two tuning solutions that can be selected from the drop-down menu. For positive mode calibration, choose the X500 ESI Positive Calibration Solution. For the negative mode solution, choose the X500 ESI Negative Calibration Solution. Select calibrant delivery as CDS, and then the appropriate channel (either one or two) to deliver the solution of interest. There is also an option to select how often to calibrate. Looking at the example method above, if the sample batch contains the same MS method for all samples, it will calibrate every 5 samples.  Note, however, that if there are different methods for each sample, it will calibrate before every sample that is run with a different method.

Once the automatic calibration method has been generated, it can be implemented in the batch by selecting the check box next to the blue Auto-Calibrate button. The methods only take a few minutes, saving time during experimental workflows as compared to running a typical LC calibration and a full microflow LC method. Depending on the length of the methods you are running, you can set this to automatically calibrate your instrument once every few hours.  When the calibration is successful, a green checkmark will appear by the calibration run. Double clicking the calibration run launches a detailed tuning report for further reference.


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