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Importing processing methods from Analyst or MultiQuant software to SCIEX OS-MQ software

SCIEX OS-MQ software is the latest innovation from SCIEX in fast, reliable data processing and streamlined review. Combining the powerful features of multiple software platforms into one, it’s a single solution for your data processing needs. But you don’t have to start from scratch! Full MultiQuant software processing methods can be imported from components to integration parameters to regression settings, so switching to SCIEX OS-MQ software is simple. Do you have processing methods in Analyst that have long lists of components already set up and don’t want to have to recreate? You can easily import your previously created components from Analyst Software to SCIEX OS Software.


Take your data processing to the next level by taking advantage of the new features such as Automatic Outlier Removal and the Calculated Columns & Flagging Rules. These new features can help reduce processing method development time and data review time, and these helpful videos will show you how to import your methods with ease and confidence.

Learn How to Export a Processing Method from Analyst to SCIEX OS software >

Learn How to Export a Processing Method from MultiQuant to SCIEX OS software >



RUO-MKT-18-10530-A, RUO-MKT-17-10211-A, GEN-MKT-17-12908-A

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