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Looking for an educational podcast on forensic toxicology?

Listen to the Toxpod, an informative podcast about the many facets of the field of forensic toxicology created by Tim Scott and Peter Stockham, two forensic toxicologists working for the South Australian government. Produced by Forensic Science South Australia and the South Australia’s General’s Department, this educational podcast covers many topics of the field of forensic toxicology. Throughout the various episodes, Tim and Peter cover topics ranging from drug potency to drug degradation, novel and emerging substances as well as the pros and cons of the many analytical techniques commonly used to detect drugs and their metabolites in various biological matrices. Armed with combined decades of experience in forensic toxicology, they dive deep into drug chemistry and how these substances can be detected as they are absorbed, metabolized and excreted by the human body. Together they dissect the past, present and future of forensic toxicology and how the various detection techniques used in forensic cases to provide scientific evidence have evolved over the years. Tim and Peter also discuss in great length both the legal and scientific challenges associated with the field of forensic sciences, including some of the aspects that make this profession so unique.

Many episodes of the Toxpod feature renowned guest toxicologists that partake in the conversation with Tim and Peter to share their insights on toxicology-related topics. The featured guests discuss the different approaches one can take solve unique forensic cases, showcasing the intricacies and ambiguous nature of the profession. During these conversations, the toxicologists share a tremendous wealth of information that unveil the unique nature of forensic science. In short, this awesome podcast covers all the bases and will provide invaluable insights to any savvy toxicologist on what the field forensic toxicology is all about. So wait no further and press play to listen to the first episode of the Toxpod!


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