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Excel macro for plate building for transformation of 96-well to 384-well plates with generation of batch lists for SCIEX OS software

This macro-enabled workbook is designed to help with creating a formatted analysis list for the Echo® MS system, using 96-well plate maps or lists

How to use:

  1. For 96-well plate sample lists using the numbered format location (1 to 96, instead of A1 to H12)
    1. Copy sample names to 96 Well List, beginning in cell B3
    2. Copy well locations to 96 Well List, beginning in cell C3
    3. Click View –> Macros and select Make_96_Well_Plate. Click Run.
    4. The plate map to the left should be populated with the sample names from the list
    5. The contents of this map can be copied to the 96 Well Plates Tab
  1. If you are provided a 96-well plate map, copy the contents to the appropriate quadrant location on the 96 Well Plates tab
    1. To merge up to 4 96-well plates into a single 384-well plate, copy sample name information into the appropriate locations on the 96 Well Plates tab
      1. Note: Samples will be copied from 96 well-plates to 384-well plates in a “quadrant” manner. This allows for easy plate combination using a 12-channel pipette. See 384-well plate curated figure for a sample merged plate.
    2. Once the 96-well plates are populated, click View –> Macros and select Make_384_Well_Plate. Click Run.
    3. The 384-well plate map should now be populated with the sample names from all the 96-well plate quadrants.
  1. From here, you can create a run list from the 384-well plate generated for easy pasting into SCIEX OS software.
    1. Click ViewàMacros and select Make_List. Click Run.
    2. The macro will try to create the list in the order that SCIEX OS software will arrange the ejection order. Note that the algorithm used by SCIEX OS software may change, so it may not be a match in all cases.

Make 96-well plate

Make 384-well plate

384-well plate curated

Run list made for SCIEX OS software

Download plate builder here


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