Christie Hunter


Easy switching of sources and LC flow regimes on the ZenoTOF 7600 system

This series of videos outlines how a user can easily switch sources and operate the system in different LC flow regimes.

This first video outlines how to install the Turbo V ion source for high flow LC applications and instrument tuning.

This second video demonstrates how to remove the high flow Turbo V ion source after tuning. Then it shows how to set-up the OptiFlow Turbo V ion source for microflow LC and how to install it on the ZenoTOF 7600 system.

Finally, this third video shows how to convert the OptiFlow Turbo V ion source from microflow LC to nanoflow LC and then install it on the system.



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  1. Curtis McMurtrey

    I’m very happy to see nanoLCMS support for the 7600!!!

    • Eric Chan

      Hello, we like the “micro bundle” on our current 7600. Is the conversion to nano available as a kit, inclusive of the probe, heater, and the front plate? Thanks.

      • Christie Hunter

        Great to hear that you like your OptiFlow source for microflow!

        Yes, you can get the Nano Add-on bundle to upgrade your system for nanoflow chromatography (P/N 5080308). This bundle contains the OptiFlow interface for nano, the nano column heater, the nanoflow probe and an installation kit.

        As an FYI for others, the OptiFlow source micro bundle (P/N 5076950) allows you to add the OptiFlow source to your ZenoTOF 7600 system, and this includes the ion source, microflow column heater, the various microflow probes and electrodes and an installation kit.

  2. Eric Chan

    Hello, Christie.

    Now that we’ve gotten the OptiFlow source onto our ZenoTOF 7600 system, I’m trying to implement the trap-and-elute method in the application note RUO-MKT-02-13346-A.

    Since the Micro Trap column (Phenomenex P/N 05N-4252-AC) does not come with any fittings, could you share with us the ferrules and/or fittings used for connecting the trap column to the M-Class HPLC? Thanks for your advice.–targeted–peptide-quantification-of-804-peptides-wi

    • Christie Hunter

      Sure thing!

      For connecting the PEEKsil tails on the traps to a valve with 1/16 ports, like on the Waters M-class system, my favorite connectors are the black multi-piece connectors. They are a little trickier to seat for the first time but they rarely leak once you get them nicely seated!
      -> 5 PK, Fitting,1/32 in PEEKSil to 1/16 in 10-32 Port (SCIEX P/N 5019821)
      -> 5 PK, Ferrule,1/32 in PEEKSil to 1/16 in 10-32 Port (SCIEX P/N 5019820)

      And this little tool from Phenomenex is awesome for tightening these nuts, would highly recommend it!
      -> Sure-Lok Fitting Tightening Tool, Aluminum, Ea (PHX P/N AQ0-8530)

      For connecting to valves with 1/32 ports, like on the Eksigent systems, I would use these PEEK nuts
      -> 1/32 inch PEEK nut with glass-filled PEEK ferrule (10/pkg) (SCIEX P/N 5019621)

      Check out the image below to see what the various fittings look like!

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