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February 15, 2022
Standard mixture for bare fused silica capillary.

Hi, is there a recommended standard mixture to evaluate the performance of CZE runs in a bare fused capillary with UV/Vis detector? Thanks.

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  1. Marcia Santos

    The test mix B is a simple and very effective way to measure how well the SCIEX’s P/ACE MDQ plus, PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis system, CESI 8000 Plus ESI-MS System, and the next generation CE instrument, the BioPhase 8800 system are working. Text mix B is comprised of two organic acids, the 4-hydroxybenzoid Acid 4-hydroxyphylacetic acid. Each carries one negative charge in an alkaline environment of run buffer A (borate buffer pH 8.3). These ions travel towards the cathode (despite their negative charge) because the electroosmotic flow is stronger than their mobilities. The UV detector is typically set at 214 nm.

    The user can gather different types of information from the separation. For example, reproducibility of migration time and peak corrected area can measure how well the injection system performs. The peak shape indicates how well our proprietary cooling system dissipates the heat during the separation. Test mix B can also show how well the capillary surface is conditioned. However, it is important to note that the buffer system and analyte combination must be similar to the test mix B, and run buffer A.

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