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Automation integration for the Echo® MS system

The Echo® MS system is specifically designed to be compatible with a variety of automation options to allow labs the flexibility to personalize their setup to meet their specific needs. To help you make the best decisions for your own lab, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about automation solution options, support availability and configuration recommendations:

  1. Which automation solutions are compatible with the Echo® MS system?
    1. We have developed an open software development kit (SDK) that will enable robotic vendors to write drivers and interface with our system.
    2. The partner that SCIEX prefers for automation solutions is Beckman Life Sciences, which already has a driver available that integrates with its SAMI EX Software.
  2. How can I make sure that my new automation system will work with my new Echo MS system too?
    1. Subject to availability, as part of our automation integration package, SCIEX will ship your Echo® MS system to your automation partner, install and test the Echo® MS system at the partner site, support the integration process and then repackage the system to ship to your site. This support package is available for purchase with your Echo® MS system and includes a 90-day extended warranty to cover service needs while it resides at the automation partner’s site. Please discuss availability for your region and automation partner with your SCIEX representative.
  3. What is the recommended bench configuration for the Echo® MS system when integrated into an automation solution?
    1. SCIEX recommends that the SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+ mass spectrometer be placed on a moveable cart to facilitate easy access for routine maintenance of the source. SCIEX has moveable carts available that are specifically designed to house the roughing pumps and minimize the ambient laboratory noise. The Echo® MS module and the accompanying Fluidics module should be placed on the same bench as the robotics interface. The Echo® MS module and the SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+ mass spectrometer must be on benches of the same height, as the transfer electrode is specifically sized for this constraint. The Chiller module can be placed either on the bench or under the bench. The Chiller module tubing is 90 cm, which might limit the position relative to the Echo® MS module.
  4. Are plate covers supported with the Echo® MS system?
    1. The Echo® MS system does not have any internal capabilities to peel or seal plate covers. Due to the nature of acoustic sampling, plates must be submitted to the system without covers. If plate covers are required in your automation workflow, a plate sealer and peeler will need to be included in your automation solution.



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