Xiangjun Liao

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May 25, 2022
MS instrument status is red


I had an issue on AB Sciex at acquire mode, when clicking ready button, the instrument Mass status is red. At the MassSpec API 5000 Detailed status: Showing “Exhaust Pump Bad”. When click in standby mode, the mass status is “yellow” and Source Exhaust Pump off.

Do you have any suggestion? You support is always highly appreciated.

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  1. Christie Hunter

    Whenever I get a source error like that, the first thing I do is check my gas supplies. Make sure you have enough pressure on the Air supply for running the source exhaust.
    If that air supply looks fine, then you probably want to reach out to the SCIEX technical support team ( and they will be able to view the system with you and hopefully find the source of the the problem!

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