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New features in OneOmics suite

Hi folks,

I just wanted to thank the readers here, both the OneOmics suite users who’ve shared their time and watched OneOmics grow, and for all the talented developers and scientists who’ve made OneOmics suite what it is today.

For newcomers, I have a couple of videos to share, each one tailored to a specific task in the platform.

The first describes a new feature, DIA Results, which takes the output from DIA-NN software and interprets the protein quantification results to create results visualizations. The result is a no-code way to explore DIA-NN results using tried-and-true OneOmics suite visualizations. To learn more about how to process SCIEX data with DIA-NN software, please see this community post.

The second video provides a short overview of the statistics tools in the platform, aimed at biomarker discovery. This is the most exciting place in the product, for me, and I’m happy to have the chance to show it off to folks new to the platform.

For more detailed information on each of the apps in the OneOmics suite, please see all our CloudTalk videos.

Have fun!


Bryce Young

Senior Technical Product Manager, Software


DIA-NN Workflow Overview


Bioreviews & MarkerView Workflow


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  1. Bryce Young

    And a really big thank you to April for putting the polish on these videos!

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