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Struggling to Analyze Small Volume Samples with Conventional LC-MS?

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The M3 MicroLC System is designed for scientists who are struggling to analyze small volume samples with conventional LC-MS and need to lower their limits of quantitation while maintaining throughput and robustness.

When designing the M3 MicroLC System, we focused on creating an easy-to-use LC that would make microflow LC simple – even for those new to the technique.

With the M3 MicroLC System you can:

  • Stop worrying about having enough sample for accurate quantitation with lower LLOQs
  • Reduce solvent usage from liters to milliliters
  • Have enough sample left over to run replicates to confirm results
  • Increase robustness and sample cleanliness with the trap-and-elute workflow

We are also pleased to announce that the MicroLC System is the recipient of the 2016 Instrument Business Outlook’s (IBO) Silver Analytical Instrument Industrial Design Award. Each year Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) announces their awards for excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments, portable analytical instruments, and laboratory equipment. The winners of the 2016 Awards demonstrate how industrial design can improve a product’s functionality and the end user’s experience. Criteria include innovation, aesthetics, functionality and utility. Award candidates are chosen from the new products that IBO monitors through trade shows, trade publications, press releases and the Internet. Read more about this award >

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