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Automation integration for the Echo® MS system

The Echo® MS system is specifically designed to be compatible with a variety of automation options to allow labs the flexibility to personalize their setup to meet their specific needs. To help you make the best decisions for your own lab, here are the answers to some...

Assess the performance of the Echo® MS system

To obtain the best, most reproducible results using the Echo MS system, it is important to select the best solvent for your analyte and matrix and to ensure the flow rate is optimized for your solvent. Please review this flow rate optimization community post to...

Back to the new basics: Part 1 | Making the leap from GC-MS to LC-MS

Back to the new basics: Part 1 | Making the leap from GC-MS to LC-MS

Producing accurate results quickly in a demanding environment is no easy feat for analytical scientists. What’s more, many of us are constantly questioning ourselves—I certainly am—about whether we are employing the best technique for the analysis at hand.

It’s an overwhelming thought, considering the wide range of tools that are available to choose from, each of which offers varying levels of capacity, sensitivity, selectivity, specificity and cost. How do you meet the unique needs of your organization without breaking the bank? I get it, and I’m not here to convince you it’s easy. My aim is to guide you through the process to help you make the right decision for you.