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Never Stop Learning with SCIEX University

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Did you know that when you log into SCIEXUniversity, you have 24/7 access to educational tools? Simply click on the Support from and select SCIEXUniversity. Here you will find more than 100 newly revamped courses developed by in-house experts, scientists, and researchers who, just like you, are interested in the next scientific breakthrough. Whether you are a beginner mass spec user or have years of experience, these online and on-site courses are designed with you, the user, in mind. What is more is that the course catalog offers self-paced training and certification programs to help you get better acquainted with software, instrumentation, and workflows.

SCIEXUniversity Registration is as Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Click on SCIEXUniversity
  2. Register for an account, you do not need to be a SCIEX customer
  3. Choose your courses from the online catalog, there is no charge for online courses

Why SCIEXUniversity? Today’s lab is trending toward modern instruments that involve minimal preparation and lend greater confidence in results. Older equipment, assays, and workflows are making way for newer technology. Maybe your lab is transitioning from GC to LC-MS/MS because of the ability to screen for a wider range of compounds in a single analysis. Alternatively, perhaps you are actively pursuing protein bioanalysis and want to receive your BioBA certification. Even if you have just completed a university degree, with SCIEXUniversity, you never stop learning, as we introduce what is front and center in today’s labs. 

How does SCIEXUniversity Work? Choose on demand courses by application, workflow, instrument, keyword search, or certification. Not sure if a program is right for you? Each session is labeled per beginner, intermediate, or advanced course levels and are free of charge. We also let you know if prerequisites like practical experience are recommended too. There is even the opportunity to go further in your studies by attending one of our certification level courses in a location near you.

Enrollment and completion of SCIEXUniversity coursework can not only help advance your instrumentation knowledge but your career. Never stop learning with SCIEXUniversity. It is why lab managers and end users alike turn to our course offerings any chance they can. 

Never stop learning with SCIEXUniversity:

  • Available 24-7
  • Full suite of courses and programs
  • Choose from over 100 self-paced e-courses
  • Filter by application offering
  • Receive advanced SCIEX certification

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  1. It’s about time to develop a dedicated Sciex University smart phone application.

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