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The SCIEX Software Roadmap – The Journey Towards Windows 10 Compatibility is Complete

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At SCIEX we are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date tools and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the laboratory. As part of that commitment, we were introducing our software product roadmap towards Windows 10 compatibility back in 2017. Many of you are making long-term investments in SCIEX technologies, and we recognize how important it is for you to have visibility of new features coming down the road. As of February 2019, we can proudly announce that our complete suite of software solutions supports the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (OS). 

Our internal roadmap is a living document – it changes weekly to adapt quickly, respond to demand, capture opportunities, and optimize resources.  While this roadmap was subject to change and we were not able to provide exact estimates or timelines on feature releases we hope it helped provide some insight into when individual SCIEX applications were made available on Windows 10.

Future-Proof Your System by Moving to Windows 10
Presumably, you are aware that as of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 7 OS. Therefore, your organization may already have started or completed the migration process to Windows 10, securing that you will receive continued support from Microsoft, 64-bit computing capabilities, and the peace of mind that comes with working in a more secure lab environment.

As your laboratory moves on to Windows 10, you will be required to purchase new acquisition PCs for instrument control. Since we do not want your computer to hold you back, SCIEX has created a solution for a seamless upgrade, the new SCIEX Alpha Workstation 2020 has just launched. Find out more about the benefits of getting up to speed with an upgrade to Windows 10 and to take advantage of our special upgrade programs

Upgrading Analyst® Software for Compatibility with Windows 10  
As always, our roadmap is completely defined by building the best product we can for you.  Contact us anytime, if you have questions about the Windows 10 upgrade path or want to learn how to increase your lab’s productivity with our Windows 10 compatible software suite.

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