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Contaminants and Novel Approaches in Food Analysis

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During RAFA 2015New Food Magazine hosted a roundtable (sponsored by SCIEX) to bring together experts with routine food testing backgrounds to discuss the latest industry trends, challenges, recent technological advances, and expectations of future laboratories.

Both Vincent Paez, Senior Director of Food Testing and Andre Schreiber, Technical Applications Manager from SCIEX were in attendance and contribute with their extensive experience of working with and supporting routine testing laboratories, as well as developing advanced workflows on the forefront of food safety. 

The roundtable began with a simple question, “In the next 10 years what key changes do you see happening in the food and beverage industry in terms of food analysis?” A detailed discussion followed which covered the aspects of commercial laboratory testing, university laboratory research, the rise of digital technologies and the simplification of processes – in particular, the importance of informatics.

If you are interested in learning more about what each of the speakers had to say we have embedded the full 51-minute roundtable for you to watch below. 

Be sure to leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the questions asked as part of the discussion, or raise any questions you would like to be included in future roundtables!

Also, if you’re interested in watching more from RAFA 2015, check out Andre’s seminar titled “Igniting Your Routine Testing Methods.”

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