Say Goodbye to MetID Headaches, Say Hello to Automated Large Molecule Catabolism Processing

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Is your mind swimming with large molecule catabolism data? Do you spend hours manually processing through complex spreadsheets to match your data with theoretical biologic catabolites? Are you wasting precious time by drawing out and processing your therapeutic peptide as a small molecule? Are you worried that you could be missing something?

As a MetID expert, you are pushing the limits of drug metabolite and biotherapeutic catabolite identification to advance new drugs through ADME studies in the development pipeline. The ability to identify and understand everything in your sample, faster and more efficiently, is the defining factor in this game. The reality is that comprehensive data acquisition, processing and interpretation are the be-all and end-all. The question is how do you streamline and automate this process while achieving the ultimate confidence in results? The answer is the Advanced Biotransform Solution from SCIEX.

Our Advanced Biotransform Solution puts a completely new spin on comprehensive large molecule catabolism because it offers the most advanced, integrated metabolism software available on the market. Hard to believe? We have combined the SCIEX TripleTOF® 6600 High-Resolution QTOF System with the ultra-fast and unbiased SWATH® Acquisition, so you can be confident you are acquiring high-quality data on all detectable metabolites in your sample; nothing hides from this solution. And as if that isn’t enough, here comes the game changer. We have introduced our new MetabolitePilot™ Software 2.0, so you can take your biologic catabolism data processing beyond laborious manual spreadsheets and trying to fit your therapeutic peptide in a small molecule processing workflow and accelerated it with automated analysis.

This all-in-one industry leading metabolite identification software from SCIEX has the most sophisticated large molecule algorithms ever—automating data processing, interpretation, visualization, and reporting.

More Time for Decision Making and to Focus on Results
Now you can employ the same automated processing and assignment for large molecule catabolites as you can for drug metabolites:

  • Advanced identification, interpretation, visualization, and correlation of a wide variety of metabolite structures and profiles
  • Batch data import and automated method generation for up to 200 samples at a time
  • Automatically generate plots, overlay chromatograms or visualize MS and MS/MS data
  • See all detectable metabolites in your sample with a single injection analysis

Fast, automated, and comprehensive peptide catabolism and biotransformation identification allows you to find liabilities and soft spots in the candidate molecule which may keep it from being biologically active and safe, in vivo.

Want to know more? Download our solution guide to see how we have combined our world-leading hardware, software and support to give you the most comprehensive understanding of large molecule catabolism, faster than ever before.Download Solution Guide >


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