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How Easy Is It to Relocate a Mass Spectrometer?

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When you’re in the process of moving your lab, across the corridor or to another country, there’s a lot to think about. Adding to the stress, there’s not always a lot of time to plan, or budget allocated for the process, especially in the case of unexpected urgent maintenance work.

Getting your instruments up and running again as quickly and smoothly as possible is your top priority. Let’s face it; every lab could do without the downtime!

That’s where SCIEX Professional Relocation Services could help you with the whole process.

4 Steps to Relocating a Mass Spectrometer

  1. Pre-move Consultation: We recommend an on-site consultation before the move to get to grips with your requirements. It helps to minimize downtime if your moving partner can understand the conditions in your new laboratory space and the set-up of your instruments. Our specialists have been in hundreds of labs, and their experience in LC-MS and analytical laboratories can make sure you’re fully prepared and help you make the right decisions.
  2. Transporting your LC-MS/MS Systems: No matter how far you’re moving, we work with our trusted carriers, as well as local partners to ensure the physical move of your instrument is taken care of and managed effectively. We can also work with your preferred removal provider if this makes your process easier and more efficient. Part of the moving process is to make sure your instruments are fully insured throughout the relocation process. Our experts can help you out here.
  3. De-installing and re-installing your Mass Spectrometers: At SCIEX we will take responsibility for ensuring that your systems are de-installed safely, re-installed, and effectively positioned in the new facility. Our Service Engineers can come onsite to take care of the uninstallation and reinstallation. StatusScopeTM, our remote monitoring tool enables the whole process. We can also manage the process for other providers as part of the overall Professional Relocation services to ensure consistency and effective installation of your systems
  4. Testing the Instruments: A critical part of the relocation process is instrument testing (both pre- and post-move). We will ensure the SCIEX systems are thoroughly checked, tested and calibrated after installation to ensure you have a fully operational unit at the end of the installation process.

What Next?

With your move taken care of, now might be a good time to think about:

  • Training: Either basic familiarization or more detailed application training
  • Compliance: We have a portfolio of products that we can deploy to make your validation and qualification process much quicker and consistent as part of the reinstallation of systems during your relocation.

Read What Other Customers Think:

“Our instrument rooms required urgent maintenance works for a 2-week period. The SCIEX team of Field Service Engineers were on hand the week before the works to decommission and securely package our instruments, and to setup and recommission our equipment afterward. The whole process went smoothly, and our equipment was up and running again in no time thanks to the diligence of the SCIEX team.” – Dr. Julie Brazzatti, Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre, The University of Manchester

Are you planning a relocation in the near future? Find out more about Professional Relocation Services , or talk to your SCIEX representative.

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