The Advantages of a Software Maintenance Agreement

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You’ve bought your mass spectrometer. You’ve installed all your hardware. You’ve got your operating software set up. You’ve mastered your software workflow modules to optimize quantitative and qualitative data processing. That’s it, right?

Even though your system is running smoothly, you’ll need to stay current with new software features to make your job easier, expand your system’s capabilities, and grow your lab´s productivity. The best way to do this is with a Software Support Contract.

A support plan gives you access to new releases and bug fixes for either your instrument software that is provided with the instrument, or non-instrument software (application vertical software), or both.

We publish software updates several times a year as new features and capabilities become available. Recently, new versions of SCIEX OS Software were released. Application vertical software can also be affected by hardware and third-party software updates. Remaining current with all of your software will help minimize potential instrument downtime.

Our software support contracts portfolio comes with a variety of features and benefits matching your unique needs and requirements.

  • Included priority support by phone and SCIEX Now™ Service
  • Complimentary software upgrades and/or updates for your licensed software
  • Substantial savings compared to incremental upgrade prices
  • Reduced cost and time – no orders to place, no additional payments to make

Although we all expect the solutions we buy and install to work easily and consistently, technology – especially complex systems made up of lots of components sitting on a network – may require vendor support to get up and running. There are also times when you may just need some advice on how best to approach a hardware change, software update or day-to-day user questions. Having a support agreement already in place can save you time, money, and hassle.

Compare the ease of picking up the phone to connect to a friendly support technician, with no need to consider cost or process, with the alternative:

  • Filling out a support request
  • Getting a quote on support hours
  • Getting internal authorization for funds
  • Issuing a purchase order
  • Conducting the support call (with possible additions to the above)
  • Receiving and tracking an invoice
  • Approving and delivering payment

SCIEX Software Support Plans also let you jump the queue to get priority support before users who don’t have one. And, they’re renewed on an annual basis, so your coverage never needs to lapse.

Want to know more, sign up for a plan that matches your lab’s goals or check the status of your current agreement?Contact Us >

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