See What More You Can do With 360 Degree Biologics Characterization

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Ever wish you had your own team of mass spectrometry experts at your side when working through biologics development and characterization challenges?  With SCIEX 360° Innovations complex biologics characterization is streamlined with a full suite of mass spectrometry (MS), capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems, software, and services from SCIEX experts.

Watch the video and see biologic characterization in action. Whether your challenges are standardized intact mass and peptide mapping analysis, or complex antibody drug conjugate and host cell protein analysis (and beyond), SCIEX 360° is our approach to the sophisticated tools you need, with easy to use data processing automation to go along with it. Best of all, our new software tools and Ph.D. level support scientists are like having your team of experts at your side when you need to meet deadlines and develop strategies to solve complex characterization questions.

Simplify your workflows and accelerate your analysis.Watch the Video >

Intact Mass Analysis:
 Confidence in your mass assignments requires the highest quality mass data. Using the TripleTOF® 6600 LC-MS for accurate mass analysis gives you the sensitivity and accuracy required to confidently make intact mass assignments and biotherapeutic identifications. Rapidly make accurate mass identifications of your biotherapeutic and all of its isoforms by analyzing and visualizing your data with BioPharmaView™ Software.

Peptide Mapping: The CESI-8000 Plus capillary electrophoresis system combined with the TripleTOF MS system allow you to identify peptides and PTMs with confidence and with 100% sequence coverage. Hotspot and post-translational modification analyses can be completed in a single run with a single enzyme digestion.

Glycosylation Analysis: Find protein glycosylations that affect protein function, immunogenicity, and clearance with confidence. Using the PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical analysis system lets you analyze 96 samples in only 6 hours when combined with the Beckman-Coulter Biomek Automated Lab Workstation.

Antibody Drug Conjugates: Reduce the complexity of your data, and get clarity on your ADC analysis using the TripleTOF 6600 system with SelexION® Differential Mobility Technology. Automated drug-antibody ratio calculation capability of BioPharmaView will speed your results saving you time and effort.

Comparability: Solve the data processing challenges you face. Comparability studies and results reporting are a snap in BioPharmaView Software, where automated calculation and visualization tools can speed your analysis and boost your productivity. This software was built from the ground up to prioritize automation of core biologics workflow so that you can increase your throughput and speed data processing.

Host Cell Protein Analysis: Get an unbiased view of your entire sample using SWATH® Acquisition on the TripleTOF 6600 system. SWATH Acquisition allows identification and quantitation of the full spectrum of even low-level host cell proteins in your sample. Identify HCPs that you didn’t know about, and efficiently look at everything in your sample.

Identity, Purity & Charge Heterogeneity: Rapidly identify and quantify impurities down to 0.01% of your sample with the PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System. Perform microheterogeneity analysis and high-speed and high-resolution charge heterogeneity analysis with ease to get sensitive, high-resolution data quickly.

SCIEX Support: SCIEX experts work with you to overcome your characterization challenges. Our PhD-level scientists understand your analysis needs and provide you with tailored solutions to complex problems. For us, your success is personal.

SCIEX Service: Our customers tell us that SCIEX Service leads the industry. Innovation like remote instrument monitoring in real-time with StatusScope™ decreases instrument downtime. Your SCIEX service team can alert your service team immediately, maximizing instrument uptime.

Get the right answers faster, and simplify your workflow at the same time. Take advantage of the full suite of SCIEX 360° Innovation tools, or just choose the individual tools you need. Find the right solution for your standardized and complex biological characterization workflows today.


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