Top 4 reasons to try the SCIEX software subscription model

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Are you avoiding a software upgrade because of the cost?

Just subscribe, sit back, and relax. The majority of SCIEX software solutions are now available as subscription products. For a price that is only 40% of the perpetual license fee, you can get access to more software licenses, future releases, and product and compatibility updates – giving you more value for your money.

Here are the top 4 benefits of SCIEX subscriptions and how your laboratory can benefit from switching to subscription software licenses:

1. Affordable and flexible payment options
SCIEX subscription products offer flexible payment options that include monthly and annual subscriptions. Replacing a large up-front capital investment with manageable payments, a subscription is ideal for laboratories looking to improve their cash flow management. Spreading the full purchase amount over the course of a subscription might be the right choice for your budget because no capital expenditure (CapEx) is required.

With a subscription-based model, your laboratory only pays for the software it requires. As your employee count fluctuates over time, so can your costs and software needs. With the ability to pinpoint exactly which software you need and when, it is less expensive to bring a new hire onboard when you don’t need to pay their license outright. Conversely, if an employee leaves their position, you can scale down your pool of software licenses on the subscription renewal date.

In fact, a 2015 McKinsey study found flexibility and the reduction of up-front cost to be two of the main factors driving users to choose subscription products.

2. Support included in the price
Subscription software includes upgrades and support services, which eliminates the separate expenses associated with remaining up to date and supported.

Priority access to technical support included at no extra charge throughout your subscription period, you can get the help you need to resolve technical issues quickly and to stay focused on your science. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing our SCIEX software experts will help you stay productive by minimizing system downtime.

3. Automatic access to new releases
A SCIEX subscription entitles you to automatically receive new features and functionality as upgrades become available. This includes any performance improvements, usability enhancements, and defect fixes. You can always take advantage of current functionality and technology. Software upgrades help to improve system reliability and help to speed-up data acquisition and analysis for productivity wins in your lab.

4. Compatibility and security updates are available as they are released
If a new Windows operating system is released, your subscription entitles you to updates for software compatibility. Upgraded software works better with modern operating systems, providing increased security and stability.

Subscription models help ensure that you’re continuously running the most updated version of the software possible. With a subscription-based software, such as SCIEX OS software, for example, the newest security measures and features are automatically updated as soon as they’re rolled out. The most current version of SCIEX software can help you maximize the return on your instrument investment.

Common subscription questions:

  • Will SCIEX still sell perpetual licenses? Yes, we will offer both subscription and perpetual licenses.
  • What is the length of a SCIEX subscription? SCIEX subscriptions will have an annual renewal cycle. For some software solutions, we will offer a monthly subscription, primarily available for purchase in our online store.
  • Can I use subscriptions for acquisition software? No, acquisition software (such as Analyst software , Analyst TF software or SCIEX OS software) is perpetual only.
  • Are upgrades and support included with subscription licenses? Yes, subscriptions do include support and upgrades for the time of subscription. Perpetual licenses do not include support and upgrades – these licenses require the purchase of a software support plan to be covered for upgrades and support.

Interested to gain a better understanding of the SCIEX subscription offering or curious to explore subscription benefits in the latest version of SCIEX OS-Q or SCIEX OS-MQ software, get started here.

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