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Merging two FASTA files

There is an easy way to merge two FASTA files together. Open notepad and type this string: type %*>"newfile.fasta" Enter any name for the FASTA file between the quotes. Save the file as: Merge FASTA files.bat Copy the two files you want to merge into the same...

Understanding MS1 Peak Intensity in ProteinPilot software

The “Intensity (Peptide)” values come from LCMSReconstruct, in ProteinPilot software 5.0. It maps the RT, m/z, intensity MS1 surface to find the peak information for the peptide. The Intensity (Peptide) is a weighted sum of the heights of the isotope series at the...

What’s in your citrus oil?

What’s in your citrus oil?

Craig Butt explains a non-targeted omics approach to characterizing and profiling compounds in citrus oil Read time: 4 minutes There is increasing interest among consumers in the benefits of natural products containing citrus beyond the traditionally known benefits of...